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Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are Pushing a Bold New Plan to Tackle Climate Change

In a livestreamed town hall event, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez laid out the best hope yet to stave off climate disaster and transform our economy: A Green New Deal. And now it’s gaining support in Congress.

Last week, Donald Trump offered a perfect encapsulation of the political Twilight Zone that is his presidency when he dismissed his own administration’s dire report on climate change, claiming simply, “I don’t believe it.

That report was perhaps the most alarming warning yet of the imminent havoc presented by our climate crisis, predicting stark falls in GDP and economic activity, massive species die offs, flooding, increases in extreme weather events, sea level rise that threatens the very existence of U.S. coastal cities and rising temperatures that could make Chicago’s climate rival that of Phoenix or Las Vegas.

But while President Trump glibly writes off the predictions of over 1,000 experts spanning 13 federal agencies, a newly ascendant progressive cohort in government is rallying support for a bold alternative: A Green New Deal.

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