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Beyond Meat’s Protein Content, Quality Claims Are Bogus, Class Action Alleges

Consumers might be getting shortchanged on the protein found in certain items sold by Beyond Meat, a new lawsuit alleges. 

According to the proposed class action, a number of claims made by the company concerning both protein and nutritional benefits are “false and misleading.”

Specifically, the 46-page complaint out of Illinois alleges that the plant-based meat substitute company “miscalculates and overstates” its products’ protein content and protein quality.

The suit also alleges Beyond Meat misleads consumers into believing that its products provide equivalent nutritional benefits to those afforded by traditional meat-based foods.

According to the suit, Beyond Meat has engaged in unfair and deceptive business practices by “intentionally misrepresenting” the nature and quality of its products and failing to follow federal regulations regarding the appropriate testing methods for determining protein content.

The case claims that industry-standard testing done by the six plaintiffs revealed that many Beyond Meat items contained less protein than indicated on their respective product labels.