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Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post Hit Piece on

August 9, 2019, I was contacted by Washington Post reporter Lena H. Sun. She requested an interview, which I had to decline due to travel and speaking engagements. Instead, I asked her to send me the questions, so I could respond in writing.

Considering the biased and clearly industry-favorable reporting done by Sun and The Washington Post on previous occasions, I would not be surprised if my answers are twisted or misinterpreted to support an industry narrative, so I’ve decided to publish all of The Washington Post’s questions to me, along with my complete answers. I expect The Washington Post article to be published later this week.

The Washington Post reporters are really concerned with how much money I make selling vitamins, which is pretty funny considering their owner has admitted to selling and profiting off of FAKE supplements!  What are the chances we will see those revealing details in their sleuthing?

In my response, I also confronted Sun about The Washington Post’s concerted efforts to “dig up dirt” on me and my company, as well as her failure to publish a correction to a vaccine story in which she made a provably false claim. Below, you will find correspondence to Sun in its entirety.

As noted in an August 6, 2019, HuffPost article1 by Paul Thacker, media reporters and columnists are routinely enlisted, groomed and secretly used to disseminate industry propaganda, and Sun’s reporting bears many of the hallmarks and talking points of the vaccine industry. Her questions to me have them as well.

In his article,2 Thacker highlights another Washington Post columnist, Tamar Haspel, whose blogs and articles consistently favor the GMO industry and chemical agriculture. Haspel has also become a voice for GMO Answers (an industry front group created by Monsanto’s PR firm, Ketchum). Not surprisingly, there’s now evidence suggesting Haspel works rather closely with Monsanto and Ketchum. According to Thacker:

“For many who have been suspicious of Haspel’s relationship with agrichemical giants, the documents are further evidence that she’s too close to the industry she writes about and that her prominent column at The Washington Post provides a perch to spread misleading information about agriculture and the food we eat.”

The war on health freedom is heating up

I’ve been publishing articles about the dangers of social engineering and data collection by the largest monopolies for several years. Facebook, Google and Amazon are engaged in a dangerous attempt to control the masses through massive data collection, surveillance and censorship. 

These technology tyrants are working overtime to prevent access to information that contradicts their world view and ultimate goal, driven by greed, conquest and insatiable lust for control.

While the justifications given for the current censorship on holistic health in general and vaccine safety in particular is that of “public safety,” one must question the rationale behind blocking first-hand testimony of vaccine damage, and bullying and maligning of victims of medical harm rather than supporting them and investigating the causes that allow for harms to occur on such vast scales.

Between the current online censorship and the exponential advancement of artificial intelligence, our ability to think independently is under immediate threat. Social engineering tactics are employed from every angle — the manipulation and control of a significant portion of the global population is occurring right before our very eyes.

There is a reason that data has become the world’s most valuable resource, exceeding the value of oil.3 As reported by The Economist in 2017,4 Amazon captures 50 cents of every dollar Americans spend online, while Google and Facebook between them “accounted for almost all the revenue growth in digital advertising in America” in 2016. 

Facebook alone makes billions by tracking every click, image, word and GPS location of its users and then selling that information to anyone willing to pay. Google, meanwhile, has infiltrated virtually every nook and cranny of our lives. 

By taking over schools, it now has the means to start its extensive data harvesting right from childhood, building the most extensive personality profiles of a generation ever conceived. 

And, while current censorship and social engineering efforts are focused primarily on eliminating voices that are critical of vaccines, it would be foolish and naïve in the extreme to believe it will end there. 

Ultimately, the end goal is total control — they will tell you what you need, be it a vaccine, a medication, a toxic food or any other goods or services, and you are to comply, handing over your mind, body and cash, no questions asked.


Surveillance and social manipulation through censorship and “curated content” are all required for such a nonviolent yet hostile takeover to work, and all of them are currently in play, right before our eyes, behind our backs.

Big Brother joins big tech in ‘Surveillance Valley’

As reported by NBC News5 August 8, 2019, Amazon is now “developing high-tech surveillance tools” for the U.S. police force, saying it “has a duty to help police, defense and intelligence agencies.” 

While there are benefits, there are also hidden drawbacks and side effects of such partnerships, the most obvious one being the expansion of government’s ability to surveil Americans without just cause.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeffrey Bezos also bought The Washington Post in 2013.6 Now, what could the owner of a massive monopoly, who has no newspaper experience, want with a newspaper?

Considering the power of collecting data and controlling information at the scale that this surveillance allows, logic will tell you that when you combine mass data collection capabilities with a massive media empire, you develop the synergistic ability to protect and further your goal — whatever it might be, from moment to moment.

Google and Facebook follow the same model — they collect data, control information and use artificial intelligence for social engineering purposes. I’ve been the target of hit pieces pushing industry propaganda for a long time, and I’ve been talking about the dangers of these technology tyrants for years. 

We are now looking at the “endgame” for the continued existence of freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and not only your ability but also your very right to take control of your health. All of these basic human rights of autonomy and self-determination are under attack, and unless we defend them with everything we’ve got, we may well lose them all. 

What follows are my responses exactly as I wrote them to Sun’s questions exactly as she wrote them for her Washington Post article, starting with my commentary on her attempts to extract information from former employees.

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