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Biden Answers Zelenskyy's Plea to 'Arm Ukraine Now' With $800 Million in Weapons

Peace advocates have expressed concerns that weapons transfers from the West will draw out Russia's war while enriching arms-makers.

U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced an even-larger-than-expected $800 million military aid package for Ukraine, which has been under attack by Russian forces since late February.

The package—which comes despite fears from anti-war voices that such weapons transfers will just further fuel the conflict—expands the type of weaponry the United States is sending to Ukraine.

"I am....not serene about this escalation," Esquire senior staff writer Jack Holmes tweeted about the U.S. assistance.

"The Biden administration's decision to send $800 million more in weapons and artillery to Ukraine is not in the interest of peace. It's in the interest of weapons manufacturers and war profiteers," said the anti-war group CodePink. "Negotiation is the only path forward."

Biden's move followed Russian President Vladimir Putin's declaration on Tuesday that diplomacy to end the war is at a "dead end."