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'Bill Gates Is Continuing the Work of Monsanto:' Vandana Shiva Calls Out Billionaire Philanthropist in French TV Interview

Indian activist and author Vandana Shiva has become one of the most well known and widely followed activists in the world of environmental ecology, organic and regenerative agriculture, and other ecological movements that fly in the face of the post World War II model of using chemicals and even genetically modified organisms to grow food.

While Shiva typically focuses on promoting ecologically friendly methods of farming that she says empower the economies and the people of local villages, she also has been known to call out large corporations like Monsanto, which was purchased by Bayer in 2018.

Ever since its purchase, Bayer has continued down the same path of the highly controversial multi-national corporation, investing billions of dollars into a brand new GMO crop division designed to create even more types of lab-spliced crops designed to withstand large doses of toxic, synthetic pesticides.

Aside from Bayer, however, there’s at least one other major entity working to continue the work of the now-defunct Monsanto Company, and in this case it’s not a corporation: it’s Bill Gates, the former Microsoft founder, proponent of vaccinating virtually every human being in the world against the coronavirus, and billionaire philanthropist.