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Bill Gates's So-Called Philanthropic Foundation Buys 500,000 Shares of Monsanto Stocks

This is the second quarter portfolio update for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The fund is run by Bill Gates' personal financial advisor Michael Larson. The portfolio now has the size of $11.9 billion. These are the details of buys.

The largest position in the portfolio of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is Berkshire Hathaway, donated by Warren Buffett. Buffett has famously decided to donate most of his assets to Gates Foundation.

Besides Berkshire Hathaway, Fates foundation is heavily weighted in Consumer Services and industrials. Although being a technology guru, Bill Gates rarely invests in other technology companies. Maybe he knows them too well.

Bill Gates buys Ecolab Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. The, Monsanto Company, during the 3-months ended 06/30/2010, according to the most recent filings of his investment company, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust. Bill Gates owns 31 stocks with a total value of $11.9 billion.