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Bipartisan Majority of Americans Now Believe Coronavirus Leaked From Lab: Poll

A majority of Americans now believe that the novel coronavirus leaked from a laboratory, according to a poll by Politico and Harvard University.

The survey found that 52 percent of Americans believe coronavirus leaked from a lab, compared with 28 percent who think the pandemic started following human contact with an infected animal. Support for the lab-leak theory is bipartisan, with 52 percent of Democrat and 59 percent of Republican respondents backing the theory.

In a Pew Research Center survey conducted from March 10-16, 2020, just 29 percent of Americans said they believed coronavirus leaked from a lab.

The current bipartisan agreement on the lab-leak issue is unusual, said Bob Blendon, professor of health policy at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the designer of the survey.

Usually, our polls find a big split between Republicans and Democrats, so this is unique,” Blendon told Politico. “More conservative media have been carrying the ‘lab leak’ issue, and it’s been a Trump talking point from the beginning, so we expected people who lean Democratic would say either ‘It’s not true’ or ‘I don’t know.’ But the belief is bipartisan.”