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For the Birds: Cornucopia Details the Industrial Takeover of Organic Poultry and What It Means for Consumers

A newly published report by The Cornucopia Institute uncovers troubling poultry farming and production practices represented as organic under the USDA seal. For the Birds: How to Recognize Authentic Organic Chicken and Turkey shows how the presence of an organic label on poultry packaging routinely misleads consumers who are willing to pay more for a higher-quality, humanely raised product.

“The vast majority of organic chicken for sale in the US comes from industrial-scale producers,” said Marie Burcham, principal author of the report and Cornucopia’s director of domestic policy. “These ‘factory farms’ represent the absolute floor that organic production has to offer.”

The takeaway for consumers is a call to action. “Vote with your food dollars to safeguard ethical, organic poultry farmers and secure their essential role in the marketplace,” Burcham said.

Authentic organic poultry brands rise far above the floor set by industrial organic producers. These ethical brands focus on legitimate outdoor access and high welfare for their birds, as well as practices that protect human and environmental health, providing a more nutritious, value-added product to consumers.