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Black Farmers in Georgia Reclaiming Agricultural Roots

Almost 200 of 1,638 acres in an Albany-based farm collective are devoted to pecan trees. Harvest season could come as early as next week, but farmers are already worried they will see lower profits this fall. Georgia pecans have become very popular overseas in recent years, particularly in China, but in April, tariffs on pecans imported into China jumped by 15 percent.

“Our farmers can’t afford to store their crops to wait for a better market. They have to sell on the market when they harvest, and that is when we will see the pain,” said Shirley Sherrod, executive director of the nonprofit Southwest Georgia Project (SWGP), which helps connect hundreds of black farmers in southwest Georgia to resources and education.

On Monday, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced details of the first phase of the $12 billion in aid to farmers impacted by tariffs.

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