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To Boost Food Security, Let Us Adopt Agroecology

Many of us already recognise that the industrial food system is failing both the planet and the people on it and that a shift to more sustainable production is not only necessary but urgent.

Currently, almost a quarter of all global greenhouse gas emissions come from the industrialised food system, which is also a major contributor to biodiversity loss, deforestation and water and air pollution. It is also a major factor in the rapid disappearance of local food cultures and traditions.

While large-scale change has been broadly hidden from the mainstream media, all over the world communities and farmers are embracing agriculture practices that offer us real hope.

Instead of fast profits based on extractive practices, agroecology finds its success by applying ecological principles to agricultural systems, adopting regenerative practices and integrating indigenous knowledge.

From where I sit in Uganda, we are at risk of losing a number of cultural and biological diversity as well as heritage foods and animal breeds.