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Boris Johnson's Deal Will Scrap GMO and Pesticides Regulations

Leaked document shows Johnson has no intention of maintaining high standards after UK leaves the EU

While the article below focuses on Boris Johnson's plan to scrap workers' rights post-Brexit, it's clear that his proposed deal would also make a bonfire of the EU's environmental and food safety rules. 

That in turn would result in the UK's losing the EU regulatory framework for GMOs. The result would be no – or minimal – safety assessments for GM foods and seeds and no GMO labelling, in line with Trump's wishes.

Similarly, EU rules on pesticides and hormone-treated meat would cease to apply to the UK.

If Johnson's plan succeeds, the UK will be in a "race to the bottom" in order to match the lax US standards.

‘This confirms our worst fears’: Brexit deal will allow Boris Johnson to cut workers’ rights, leak reveals

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