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Brazilian Activists Launch Petition to Stop Approval of GMO 'Terminator' Seeds

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In today's globally connected economic environment, entire governments can be infiltrated by industry insiders who seek to further their business agenda. It's easy for government safety boards and commissions to be coerced into supporting a corporation's high-dollar demands. It's now very easy for corporations to conspire globally to take advantage of expanding markets in agriculture. Follow the money.

Genetically manipulated crops aren't the answer for feeding the world

Supporters of big GMO agribusiness are often deluded by the thought that they are feeding growing populations around the world. Realistically, genetically altered seeds have been changed at the molecular level, sometimes spliced with bacteria genes. This kind of DNA designer crop doesn't always interact well with the human body. Chemicals like glyphosate, mass applied in this agricultural system, disrupt the shikimate pathway of the good bacteria in the gut. Even worse, GM "Terminator" seeds are actually designed to make the seeds die in their second year, which definitely doesn't help farmers feed the world. The world's hunger slowly becomes more dependent on the GMO design, limiting food security.

Countries becoming guinea pigs at the mercy of those who think they knows what's best

As genetically altered seeds are peddled to governments for approval, entire populations of people may be at the mercy of a select few commissioners and board safety connoisseurs who are easily influenced by securing positions of power and influence. While experimental seeds are approved into a country's agriculture, people inadvertently become guinea pigs for lab-developed food. At the same time, farmers are trapped into being seasonally dependent on genetically altered Terminator seeds.

Terminator seeds transform hard-working farmers into dependent slaves

Highly controversial genetically altered Terminator seeds are lab-designed to die at their first harvest, making crops unable to reproduce in their second year. This immediately makes farmers dependent on corporate seed each growing season.

This inevitably consolidates all the power and control into the hands of the corporations who lab-engineer new seeds every year. This disturbing agricultural practice is anti-life, anti-independence and anti-health. Terminator seeds are really about control. Instead of working with nature and allowing nature to take its course in breeding heritage seeds each year, farmers are forced to buy experimental seeds and their chemical companions. Some GM seeds are designed to perform tasks like creating their own insecticide. While corporations take over and control the seed market, farmers are made to be their slaves.
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