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BREAKING: International Criminal Court Paves Way to Prosecute Monsanto

Just as the International Monsanto Citizens’ Tribunal is preparing to hold Monsanto accountable for its crimes in The Hague next month, comes this breaking news from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The ICC, will for the first time in history prioritize crimes “committed by means of, or that result in the destruction of the environment, the illegal exploitation of natural resources or the illegal dispossession of land.”

What does this mean for the Monsanto Tribunal? 

It means that the work we do there next month will form the foundation for prosecuting companies like Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and the rest of the corporate biotech criminals in the United Nations-backed international court, based in The Hague.

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When we began planning for the Monsanto Tribunal, our intent was to draw international attention to Monsanto’s crimes—all of them.

We especially wanted to change the rules so that corporations like Monsanto could be prosecuted for crimes against nature or the environment, not just crimes against humanity.

That’s why this news from the United Nations-backed ICC is breathtaking. It validates the work of the citizens’ tribunal. It means that finally, Monsanto and companies like it will have to answer for destroying the world’s soils, wiping out biodiversity, poisoning our water and air.

Finally, Monsanto will have to face the music.

As we wrote earlier this week, the proposed takeover of Monsanto by Bayer doesn’t change the impact the Monsanto Tribunal will have.

A corporate criminal by any other name is still a corporate criminal.

Now, thanks to this breaking news from the ICC, and the work we’re doing on the Monsanto Tribunal, the world will be able to hold these corporate criminals accountable.

I am on the Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly organizing committees, and the Organic Consumers Association is helping to fund the initiative.

But the Tribunal is just one of the projects OCA is working on. With Bayer’s proposed buyout of Monsanto, we will have to double down in 2017 on our work to expose Big Biotech’s efforts to monopolize seeds and the world’s food supply, and its rampant poisoning of our food, bodies and our environment.

The work of the grassroots is always challenging. But when Monsanto needs to be bought out in order to survive, and the ICC steps up to finally recognize corporate attacks on the environment as international crimes, it’s clear that the work you are supporting is shaking up the system.

Please help us hit our midnight fundraising goal. Your donation today will be matched by and Dr. Bronner’s. You can donate online, by phone or by mail, details here.

We could not do this work without you.Thank you!


In solidarity,

Ronnie Cummins
International Director

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