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Breathing the Solution

“We all need to start breathing the solution…

”These are the words of Renee Southard, president of SENPA, from the 7th Annual Organic & Natural Health Conference in Ft. Myers Beach, FL. In a world defined by COVID, the dietary supplement industry faces enormous stresses. The complexity of an international supply chain is challenged by labor shortages, transportation issues and a demand, bordering on obsession, for the ingredients and products that consumers want. At the same time, we know environmental stress places the very future of our industry at a critical juncture. The health of people and planet are deeply enmeshed; a fact our consumers are very clear on. So yes, we all need to start breathing the solution. And, that’s just what happened at our January conference.

The most amazing things happen when you put representation from every partner in the supply chain in one room. At O&N Health, everyone from raw ingredients suppliers to distributors, manufacturer and brands, and retailers and consumers are equal stakeholders. It is a wealth of knowledge and expertise that must not be wasted. So when we traveled to Mackinac Island in August 2021, the intention was set. We asked O&N Health members what we need to do, what we must have, and what we can take advantage of to support consumers and effectively utilize the resources at hand.