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C40 World Mayors Summit Calls for Climate-Friendly, Organic Food

A joint declaration from the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen(link is external) calls for healthier, climate-friendly, and organic food in public institutions and public life. Denmark’s transition to organic meals with less meat, more vegetables and much less waste was in focus for cities wanting to contribute to climate solutions and global sustainability goals.

Mayors from many of the world’s largest and most climate ambitious cities, supported a declaration calling for climate-friendly, healthier, and organic meals in public institutions. The declaration, Good Food Cities: Achieving a Planetary Health Diet for All, laid out goals and actions for reducing climate impacts from the food sector, ensuring enough food for all people and creating sustainable food production. More plant-based diets, 50% less food waste, and buying food from organic farmers are among the solutions. The cities will lead the way through their own food purchasing programs.

C40(link is external) brings together 94 of the world’s largest cities, from New York to Paris, Quito to Copenhagen, Beijing to Sydney and Dar es Salaam. They represent over 700 million citizens, and are taking bold action for climate and sustainable development. They are deeply committed to achieving the goals in the UN Paris Agreement(link is external).

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