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California Ballot Initiative: What You Can Do NOW

The California initiative movement is building exponentially.  I've been on the road throughout the state, meeting some amazing folks who care deeply about this issue.  Committed leaders have already come forward and are actively organizing their counties.  Things are popping all over the place and should be exploding within the next few weeks. 

One of the greatest things for me personally?  When I first started this, folks kept calling it "my" initiative.  I can't tell you how wonderful it's been to start hearing "our". 

People are eager to begin gathering signatures. While we would love to start, we have to be ready and have our organization in place before we begin that phase of the campaign.  Since the initiative process is on state mandated timelines, we don't want to be organizing ourselves while in the middle of the mere 150 days we are allotted to gather the signatures we need to get us on the ballot.  If we start prematurely we may not get where we want to go.  To better understand the process and the logic behind our strategy, please see the FAQ section on our site. 

Just because we aren't gathering signatures, it doesn't mean there's nothing to do--quite the opposite.

In fact, we are in the most important part of this campaign: building the network that will get this job done.  Our #1 resource is our numbers. The network we establish now to gather signatures in the fall will continue to grow and bring victory in November 2012.  We don't have our opposition's money.  We will win this because of us, our connections and our commitment to educating our communities and making sure GMOs get labeled. 

So what can you do now to grow our organization? 

  1. If you live in California or want to come spend time here to help us, Sign The Pledge to gather signatures this fall. 
  2. Spread the word high and low so those who feel called to co-lead this can find us.  Join us on Facebook via our website to find out what we're up to.  You can download our "Spreading the word" flyer and put it up around your town.  Tell friends, co-workers, groups, organizations. 
  3. Join us.  Volunteer or join our team.
  4. Donate.  Initiatives are expensive. We need donations large and small to get this on the ballot then execute a top notch media campaign to counter those millions of dollars that will be spent by those who don't support our right to informed choice
Poll after poll shows U.S. consumers want genetically engineered foods labeled. Whenever I hear anyone speak about GMOs they all say we need labeling.  Books, articles, everyone says that we need GMOs labeled.   Let's get the job done.

We are creating GMO history.  People from all ages, religions, ethnicities, cultures, interest groups, socio-economic classes, occupations, political affiliations and family configurations have come forward already.  We are putting aside all our differences and uniting for this common goal. 

We all eat. We all want informed choice. We all want safe food options.  And we want those for our children's children.

Join us. 
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