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A Call for Mother Earth and Humanity: Analysis of "Military Geoengineering"

Why do people not want to know about the violence that is committed against Mother Earth?

Is it a taboo to reveal a secret? For instance, Dr Rosalie Bertell’s research about geoengineering has to this day still not been properly debated in public. Not only the powers that be, but also the social movements of today have not allowed this to happen. Very often, people reject radical new thoughts right away because they are too shocking for them. A first reaction typically consists of ignoring them instead of trying to learn and do something about these perilous matters. Most people simply deny the possibility that something like ‘military geoengineering’ may even exist. In an effort to avoid confronting these uneasy truths, they repeat the term prepared by those in power who want to do away with this sort of ‘evil knowledge’ and call it a ‘conspiracy theory’.