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Calling Sewage Sludge Organic Compost: Would You Like A Bit Of Heavy Metal With That?

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In case you missed this today (goodness knows, there is enough crazy out there to distract even the most focused of us), Biocycle Magazine and their mouthpiece, Sally Brown (they of the 'grow food in sewage sludge - it's good for you') have recently called people who support the organic method 'Ecoterrorists'.

"Sally Brown, who is also a research associate professor at the University of Washington, is delivering a keynote address at the BioCycle conference; she promotes growing food in sewage sludge "fertilizer." John Stauber, senior adviser to the Food Rights Network and co-author of the bestselling book Toxic Sludge Is Good for You!, plans to personally deliver letters to Brown and Goldstein demanding an apology and retraction."

Now, Dr. Brown's specialties can be found Sally Brown She's very hot on 'biosolids' (I think we can all imagine what those are - but also include such yummy choices as mine tailings. I wonder what she'd do with the ash from coal fired electrical plants. Yum yum.).