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Calls to Reform Food System: 'Factory Farming Belongs in a Museum'

We can feed an extra 4 billion people a year if we reject the bloated and wasteful factory farming systems that are endangering our planet’s biodiversity and wildlife, said farming campaigner Philip Lymbery on Monday night, launching a global campaign to Stop the Machine.

At present, 35% of the world’s cereal harvest and most of its soya meal is fed to industrially reared animals rather than directly to humans. This is a “wasteful and inefficient practice” because the grain-fed animals contribute much less back in the form of milk, eggs and meat than they consume, according to Lymbery, the chief executive of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF). “The food industry seems to have been hijacked by the animal feed industry,” he said. 

In recent years the developing world in particular has seen significant agricultural expansion. According to independent organisation Land Matrix, 40m hectareshave been acquired globally for agricultural purposes in the last decade and a half, with nearly half of those acquisitions taking place in Africa.

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