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Campaign in Davis, California: Stop Whole Foods

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 Whole Foods is set to move into the former Borders storefront in Davis Commons in 12 to 18 months. As the Wal-Mart of organic and natural groceries, Whole Foods is reviled for its anti-union policies and reactionary politics.

On the face of it, Whole Foods seems like a crunchy granola kind of company. It boasts a commitment to pure, healthy foods and sustainable agriculture while giving back at least 5 percent of its profits per year to things like charitable non-profits and micro-lending programs. The store claims that "interdependence" is one of its central values, a recognition that everyone involved in the store represents a "community of interests."

But, according to Whole Foods, the invisible hand of the market is what brings us together. Whole Foods' radical libertarian CEO John Mackey claims that "the beauty   of capitalism is that it has a harmony of interests."

The company's commitment to "conscious capitalism" means that it has worked hard to stop unions from organizing its shops, with Mackey likening the possibility of unionization to "having herpes." To stop the spread of unions, Whole Foods has allegedly fired labor organizers and threatened employees with lost benefits if they unionize.