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Campaign to Target GMO Trees at Occupy Monsanto Conference

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St. Louis, MO--The Campaign to Stop GE Trees will participate in the Occupy Monsanto conference here on September 16-17 to sound the alarm about the dangers genetically engineered trees pose to communities, wildlife and forests. The campaign asserts that Monsanto is complicit in this emerging hazard.

Monsanto's glyphosate-based RoundUp herbicide will be used to control weeds around trees that are genetically engineered to be "RoundUp Ready," or resistant to that herbicide. Use of this trait in GMO crops led to a documented tripling in the use of the herbicide, resulting in widespread problems with RoundUp resistant weeds, which require applications of more toxic herbicides to eliminate them.

Just as GMO seed giant Monsanto has flooded the global market with their patented GMO seeds, ArborGen, which specializes in genetically engineered tree seedlings, intends to do the same.  ArborGen is a joint project of International Paper, MeadWestvaco and New Zealand-based Rubicon and one of their original joint owners was Monsanto.

"It's clear from researching ArborGen's public relations messaging that they see themselves as the new Monsanto," stated Will Bennnington, of Global Justice Ecology Project. "They plan to follow the ruthless Monsanto model and don't care who gets hurt in the process," he added.

The links between ArborGen and Monsanto run deep. Numerous current and former staff had long tenures at Monsanto before being employed by ArborGen.

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