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Can Chicken Fight Climate Change? Blue Apron Founder's New Company Bets on Carbon-Friendly Chicken

Most environmentalists say the best way to fight climate change on your plate is to reduce or avoid eating meat. But there’s a growing number of proponents for regenerative agriculture, a farming method that builds organic matter in the soil with the goal of sequestering more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases.

In other words, you can save the world and eat chicken, too.

That’s the basic slogan of Cooks Venture, a new company from Matthew Wadiak, the co-founder and former chief operating officer of the meal kit delivery company Blue Apron. Based on an 800-acre Arkansas farm, Cooks Venture will begin selling its heirloom-breed, pasture-raised chickens in California on Wednesday at Golden Gate Meats in the Ferry Building. The cost is $3.98 per pound, about the same as Mary’s organic chickens, and much less than pasture-raised chickens from smaller Northern California farms, which can cost around $10 per pound. Golden Gate Meats will also sell the chicken to its wholesale restaurant and grocery store accounts.

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