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Cargill Comes out with Non-GM Soybean Oil

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Cargill has launched a new vegetable oil that's made from conventionally-bred soybeans. That's right, oil that isn't derived from genetically modified (GM) soybeans.

Most of the soybeans grown in the United States come from genetically modified seeds, a favorite of famers in the battle to control weeds and pests.

GM seeds have been given the imprimatur of U.S. food safety authorities, but they have aroused increasing suspicion among some consumers. So, some food companies have responded with products made from non-GM grains, oilseeds and sugar.

"Despite the merits of biotechnology, consumer interest in food and beverage products made from non-GM ingredients is growing, creating opportunities and challenges for food manufacturers and food service operators," Ethan Theis, Cargill's food ingredients commercial manager, said in a press statement.   

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