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Caring for Wolves, Icons of the Spirit of the Wild

I say caring for wolves and not “the wolf” because they are more than another endangered species. They are sentient beings like us with families, clans, social bonds, emotional intelligence and instinctual and learned survival skills. I speak for them having raised their cubs in my research into canid behavior, communication and development, coming to know and respect them and enjoy their trust and affection. But they do not make “pets”, nor do most of their dog-hybrids, the breeding of which I advise against for humane reasons.

Those who do not see wolves as sacred, or at least as kindred spirits in many ways worthy of respect and equal consideration, must step out of themselves and the confines of anthropocentrism. Then we may save the wolves from extinction along with the salvation of our own humanity. Where there is collective existential ignorance, Nature becomes our nemesis. Where there is respect for all life, Nature becomes our apotheosis.