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Casualties of Tort War: Consumers

The PopTort: Casualties of Tort War: Consumers (6/23/08) by John Guyette

While noting that there are a "few exceptions," Guyette sees that usually "media have a terrible tendency to spit back talking points provided to them by corporate groups and to talk about so-called 'tort reform.'" As Guyette explains it, the common media story that "the whole thing is just a money battle between lobbyists" fails to address "the constitutional rights that are at stake or the impact on average people." His prime example is the New York Times:

Yesterday the Times ran a lengthy article entitled, "To the Trenches—The Tort War Is Raging On," citing without comment brazenly biased and bogus corporate surveys and insurance industry consultant "reports" that have been widely trashed (for instance here, here and here), and making it seem like the only people affected by laws that take away rights of injured consumers are the attorneys who represent them, or, to the extent attorneys are affected, the only thing they care about are their fees. What an outrage.

See FAIR's magazine Extra!: Trial by Anecdote: Newsweek's 'Lawsuit Explosion' Blown Away by Facts (3–4/04) by Neil deMause

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