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C&C News- Saturday, November 19, 2022: Compromised

Good morning, C&C, and welcome to the weekend edition! This morning’s roundup includes: another blockbuster BMJ exposé teaches us a lot more about how the vaccines happened; an FTX roundup: lies, shrinking investor bucks, pandemic connections, chapter 11 news; the last fraudster just got sentenced; and the horrors of global warming strike the Northeast.


The BMJ, which published last year’s exposé on Pfizer’s slipshod covid subcontractor Ventavia, has done it again. On Wednesday, the British Medical Journal published a new investigative report headlined, “FDA Oversight of Clinical Trials Is ‘Grossly Inadequate,’ Say Experts.”

As we look into the revolting facts, I want you to remember that the FDA ‘charged’ Pfizer and Modern millions and millions of dollars to pay for supervision of clinical trials (in fact, 65% of the FDA’s funding for evaluating drugs comes from “industry user fees”). That money was paid and received. We’ve seen the receipts.