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Celebrate Valentine's Day with Global Exchange!

Child trafficking, labor, and slavery have plagued the cocoa industry for years. But there is an alternative! Fair Trade certification guarantees that your chocolate is free of abusive child labor AND that cocoa farmers earned a fair price that will allow their families to rise out of poverty.

Here are 5 simple things YOU can do this Valentines Day to help stop child slavery and enable children in cocoa-producing families to afford go to school!

  1. Be cupid! Use our Fair Trade Chocolate Valentine’s Day Action Kit for JUST $15!!! Includes 40+ Fair Trade chocolate minis, 30 Valentines, and much, much more! Visit
  2. Request FREE valentines for kids to distribute in their classrooms or youth groups, or for you to distribute at work. Tell your loved ones how much you care about them and the children who work on cocoa farms. Our retro, 100% recycled, union-made valentines have a detachable, pre-addressed tear out that you can send to World's Finest Chocolate, the largest manufacturer of fundraising chocolate. It is time to encourage them meet consumer demand for fair trade chocolate, and stop supporting child labor on cocoa farms. Quantities are limited, so be sure to reserve your package today! Send us your request no later than Monday February 5 for the post cards to arrive by Valentines Day! Email with “Valentine request” in the subject line and your mailing address and the number of valentines you are requesting in the body of the email. Visit to see the Valentine’s Day post cards.
  3. Send a free fax to World’s Finest Chocolate to tell them you love Fair Trade Chocolate! Two years ago, after receiving faxes and post cards from Global Exchange supporters like you, the company started looking into Fair Trade chocolate. But then, when the heat was off, they stopped short of taking action. It is time to put the heat back on!!! Click on
  4. Are you a K-6 teacher? Or do you know any teachers? Learn about our FREE Valentine’s Day Fair Trade Chocolate curricula. Even if you are not a teacher, your kids can use the activity/coloring book on their own for learning fun! Or host a Valentine’s Day party where kids use the activity book and sign post cards! The curricula/activity kits are available at
  5. Are you part of a school or community group that does World’s Finest Chocolate fundraising? Or do you know anyone who is? You can make a big difference in providing the company with the information it needs to go Fair Trade! Please send an email to with the name of the school/club(s), the city/state, and whether you are a member of the group. We are giving schools and others the opportunity to join the growing list of chocolate fundraising groups who would be interested in a Fair Trade chocolate bar.


Please forward this email to your friends and family!!!