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Center for American Progress: What Are You Paying for the War?

WASHINGTON, DC - May 13 - President Bush has submitted a new war funding request totaling $178 billion. $135.4 billion of this war supplemental would go toward operations in Iraq through the end of the year. The remainder of the $42.6 billion would go to operations in Afghanistan and other activities in the global war against terrorist networks.
So what does this mean for American taxpayers? Last year, CAP took a look at how much taxpayers in each state were paying for the war. Based on updated information released, a new interactive map below shows a breakdown by state of what taxpayers could now be facing should the full amount of funding be approved.
American taxpayers have enough to worry about already. The United States needs to shift its priorities in Iraq and the Middle East, beginning with a strategic reset of policy including a phased redeployment from Iraq alongside increased diplomatic efforts in the region.


Center for American Progress
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