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Cheat Sheet: Sen. Bernie Sanders' Plan to Expand Agriculture and Rural Policies

The 2020 contender calls for breaking up big agriculture companies and restructuring USDA programs.

Bernie Sanders on Sunday released a sweeping rural and agriculture plan that targets big companies and calls for more federal investment in struggling rural areas.

What’s the reason for the plan?

Appearing at a county fairgrounds in Osage, Iowa, Sanders made the case that liberal policies in Republican strongholds are what’s needed to save a slumping farm economy and distressed communities.

“Some people are writing off rural America,” said Sanders, one of the leading contenders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. He was introduced by several local farmers before taking the stage.

“But I come from one of the most rural and beautiful states in the United States,” the Vermont senator said. “I will not write off rural America.”

Sanders is the second candidate, following Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), to get serious about trying to win over traditionally red regions by rolling out comprehensive policy plans that seek to restructure government programs and step up antitrust enforcement.

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