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Children ‘Bathing in Radiation’ at Schools, Experts Say. Here’s What Parents Can Do.

In the latest episode of CHD.TV’s “The Empower Hour,” host Zen Honeycutt and guests discussed how too much wireless radiation can be dangerous for children and how to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields in schools and at home.

The latest episode of CHD.TV’s “The Empower Hour,” host Zen Honeycutt featured three experts on electric and magnetic fields (EMF) who discussed how to prevent unhealthy exposure to wireless radiation.

Doug and Patti Wood, senior project directors of the TechSafe Schools Program and Americans for Responsible Technology, and Mary Anne Tierney, an electromagnetic radiation specialist with Blue Ridge EMF Solutions, explained the science behind wireless technology and electromagnetic radiation and the connection to kids’ health.

Doug and Patti Wood focused on children’s exposure to wireless radiation at school. They discussed wireless radiation facts and harms, and how one easy change can reduce children’s EMF exposure at school by 94%.