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Chinese Want GM-Free Foods - Like Their Leaders

NOTE: Seems it's not only China's leaders who want their food
strictly GM-free and organic - see, 'China's elite eat all-organic'
Chinese want GM-free and chemical-free foods
GeneEthics (Australia), December 19, 2008
"CHINESE SHOPPERS are clamouring for chemical-free and GM-free foods
in the wake of the melamine poisoning calamity that harmed over
50,000 Chinese children," says Bass Coast Shire Councillor Gareth
"Chinese families give the health and welfare of their only child
the highest priority and they want to buy chemical-free and GM-free
foods of unimpeachable quality.
"This is a huge market and we expect that Bass Coast growers can win
long-term supply contracts for substantial quantities of clean,
green foods because of the Shire's GM-free status.
"We've had several meetings with Chinese business people, officials
and academics about buying top quality Australian food.
"They make a strong link between GM herbicide-tolerant canola and
synthetic chemicals, and don't want to buy them.
"Chinese shoppers want foods that are guaranteed free of chemicals
and GM," Councillor Barlow says.
"Chinese importers envisage ten year contracts on favourable terms,
for assured supplies of top quality, fresh chemical-free and GM-free
"GM-free and chemical-free food production definitely offers us a
great competitive advantage in local and world markets as Australia
is the only exporter of GM-free canola.
The shires of Bass Coast, South Gippsland, East Gippsland, Yarra
Ranges and the City of Greater Bendigo have all declared themselves
GM-free and are interested in reaping the benefits of Gippsland's
clean, green and GM-free reputation.
"The Victorian state government should give teeth to local GM-free
policies by exploring these market opportunities and reintroducing
the ban on GM crops.
"Austrade and other Government trade bodies should also follow up
the GM-free and chemical-free marketing opportunities in Asia.
"The majority of Australia remains GM-free, with only NSW and
Victoria allowing GM canola and GM cotton on a small scale in NSW
and Southern Queensland.
"These governments are out of step with the majority of Australians.
"Most Australian food processors and retailers also have GM-free
policies, in response to strong shopper demand.
"For instance, Murray Goulburn has a GM-free policy which requires
milk producers to certify that their animals have not been fed GM.
"These GM-free and chemical-free marketing opportunities at home and
abroad are just too good to miss," Councillor Barlow concludes.
More comment:
Councillor Gareth Barlow, Bass Coast Shire, 0432 005 415/03 5952 5653
Bob Phelps, Gene Ethics, 03 9347 4500