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Chipotle Is Now Virtually GMO-Free

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Chipotle has announced that amid their unwelcome price-hike, the company will now only use GMO-free ingredients. They would be the first fast food or fast causal restaurant to do so, according to Food Business News.

"To date we have eliminated virtually all of the GMO ingredients in our food," Steve Ells, chairman and co-chief executive officer told Food Business News. "Our corn and flour tortillas are the only foods we currently serve that are made using ingredients that contain or could contain trace amounts of GMOs, and now we are testing new non-GMO recipes for these tortillas and we hope to be able to roll them out by the end of the year."

Since the company has started replacing ingredients like soy oil with non-bioengineered sunflower and rice bran oils last year (along with the rising prices of avocado), prices have slightly increased by five percent. Chipotle did not respond to our requests for comment.  
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