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Chipotle's Brilliant New Anti-Factory Farm Ad, with Fiona Apple Singing

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An animated film promoting Chipotle as the ethical alternative to fast food is nothing new. They've been doing these for two years. But what is surprising about Chipotle's new scarecrow-starring, Fiona Apple-soundtracked ad campaign (and video game) is just how little it says about Chipotle.

The company's brand is all about standing above the fray of fast food competition, and they've consciously embraced that in their forays into traditional advertising. Their first national TV ad was more like a Pixar version of Food Inc.: An animated farmer has an epiphany that his animals should be free-range and drug-free, while Willie Nelson croaks a Coldplay cover. Only at the end of the two-minute narrative does the Chipotle truck arrive, signaling that it's a pitch for their (mostly) "naturally raised" and antibiotic-free meats.   

The latest ad follows in that same tradition of fact, fiction, and factory farms, but with a much heavier dose of fiction. The protagonist of "The Scarecrow" rejects a factory farm that is part of a Terminator-like dystopia run by malicious robotic crows. Instead of a triumphant conclusion as a Chipotle supplier, he starts a food stand with the tag-line "Cultivate a Better World." Instead of 30 seconds of Chipotle, we get more like two.

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