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Chorus of Condemnation on Seralini Retraction Worldwide

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Read what some of those who signed on are saying;add your name and forward widely to get the retraction reversed, and to show your support for science and scientists working for the public good.

Lee Artz (signed scientist) Outstanding Scholar Award, Prof at Purdue University Calumet Social Science, USA: "John Dewey once said that our quality of life depends on "improving the methods of debate and discussion." Arguing, contesting, refuting the study's findings are in order. Censorship burns humanity, trashes truth, and postpones knowledge."

Nnimmo Bassey (signed non-scientist), environmental activist and poet, Director, Health of Mother Earth Foundation, Times magazine's Heroes of the Environment, 2009, Right Livelihood award 2010, Rafto Prize 2012, Nigeria: "One sure way to subvert progress and hinder the defense of people and planet is to block knowledge. The retraction of peer reviewed scientific papers is a corporate suppression of our freedom of expression - a fundamental human right. If this trend is allowed to continue we can be sure that only corporate interests will be served at the expense of people and planet. It is unconscionable and immoral."

Henry Becker (signed scientist) BE MSc ScD FCIC Killam Laureate 1992 Engineering Medal 1990 Prof Emeritus Queen s university, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

"The suppression of research when findings threaten commercial interests is toxic to science in particular and truth in general. Such acts must be vigorously opposed and roundly condemned. In the words of Edmund Burke, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Adolpho Boy (signed non-scientist) Professor of Horticulture (retired) Argentina, and Grupo de Reflexion rural, Argentina: "I have used glyphosate since 1983, when we applied it only very sparingly. During the past 30 years, glyphosate use has shot up, and toxicity is everywhere; every day new cancer and malformations come to light, but are largely ignored by public officials and silenced in the hospitals, on tv and in newspapers.

"I do not need peer review of Seralini's research to be convinced that their findings are correct, and I dare say the unpublished reality of Argentina's people is worse.

During all my professional career I had Elsevier publications as reference to my experimental work, but right now I am suspicious not only about this publisher, but of all scientific research funded by "joint ventures" with chemical companies."

Mingyu Chen (signed scientist) Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China: "I do know scientific journals are not always equal to science. But this time they have broken some bottom line."

Ann Clark (signed scientist) Prof of Plant Agriculture (retired), Guelph University, Canada:

"Has science fallen off the tracks?  What drives government and academia to tirelessly promote a single, proprietary technology - genetic modification - as the solution to the world's food needs?  Whose interests are served by aggressively suppressing those who dare to ask the necessary and largely unaddressed questions of safety and efficacy of a technology that has been prematurely released into commerce?

"Society needs to protect its own interests and defend science in the public good.  Stand up and show your support for the work of Gilles-Eric Seralini and others working in the public interest."    
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