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The Clean Food Movement Explained: Huge Victory for Consumers vs. Corporate Collusion and Secrecy

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 While Natural News is one of the best-known voices of the Clean Food Movement, there are actually many millions of voices across the movement. But what is the Clean Food Movement exactly? In this article, I explain what it means and where it came from.

The Clean Food Movement is decentralized, grassroots movement that calls for total transparency about:

* What's in the food (including honest labeling)
* How it was grown or raised
* Where it came from (geographically)
* Whether it's genetically engineered
* What chemicals it contains (such as MSG and aspartame)

These days, food consumers are more sophisticated than ever, and they want to know what they're eating. They want to know what farming methods were used to produce the food, too, and in the case of meat production, they even want to know how those meat animals were raised and treated.

Advocates of the Clean Food Movement believe in honest labeling of GMOs in foods, and they believe in "food democracy" in the sense that consumers should have full access to accurate information about foods on the shelf so they can make informed decisions about what to buy or what to avoid.