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Climate Crisis Activists Mobilize for Pre-Election Nov. 4 Actions Across the US


Momentum is building for the second International Day of Climate Action on
November 4th. This event is timed to take place just before the November
6th-17th United Nations Climate Change conference in Nairobi Kenya. There are
events planned in 45 countries--doubled from last year! Visit: to get
a taste of what is taking place in these countries.

Below you will find:

1) Endorsers of the USA Call to Action as of October 12, 2006
2) Locations where actions are planned in the USA that we know of so far
3) Information on “The Great Warming”
4) A sample advocacy of Nov. 4th by one of our endorsing groups
5) Links to resources and materials

To date, 55 organizations have endorsed the November 4th Day of Action, and we
know of local actions happening in close to 30 localities in the USA.

We are excited to tell you that we have partnered with the makers of the new
climate film: The Great Warming. This movie is premiering on November 3rd in
theatres around the country and we're mutually supporting one another's
efforts. These are all good developments!!

However, there are still three weeks until November 4th. We want to have many
more endorsers and, more importantly, many more places where local actions
will take place.

Sometimes, it feels difficult to organize around the climate crisis. It's such
a big, deep issue that people can easily get depressed, wondering if it's
going to be possible to really turn things around.

That's why this rapidly growing international movement--embodied right now in
these annual days of action--is so important, so critical, and why it's so
important to be an active part of it. This worldwide problem will only be
solved by the nations of the world acting together in a serious way, and that
is not going to happen unless they feel the heat from an increasingly stronger
grassroots movement, both in individual countries and worldwide.

So if you haven’t recently, please be in touch with us about November 4th!

Let us know about your group’s endorsement, about your plans for a local
action of some kind on the 4th or about any questions you have. Three weeks is
enough time to get something together!!!

And please check out the ClimateUSA website,
, for resources on organizing an action.

Together, we can change the world!

Raya Ariella Ted Glick
413-243-5665 973-338-5398

Endorsers of Call to Action as of October 13, 2006

Alliance for Affordable Energy, New Orleans
Alliance for Democracy
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee
Big Bend Climate Action Team, Florida
BlueWave NJ
California Cars Initiative
Canadian Youth Climate Coalition
Chesapeake Climate Action Network
Climate Crisis Coalition
Colorado Clean Energy Action
Community Energy Solutions, Waterloo, Ia.
Congregation Sha'ar Zahav, San Francisco
Congregations of St. Joseph
Earth Rights International
ECO Taskforce, MLUC
Eco-Justice Ministries
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
Enviro Show, WXOJ-LP
Essex Greens Clean Energy Campaign, NJ
Finger Lakes Progressives
Friends of the Earth
Global Exchange
Global Warming National Fax-In
Irthlingz arts-based environmental education
Just Transition Alliance
Kyoto Now!
Labor Community Strategy Center
National Family Farm Coalition
New Orleans Group of the Sierra Club
North American Coalition for Christianity and Ecology
Oil Change International
Order of the Earth, Shade Gap, PA
Organic Consumers Association
Pacific Environment
Planet Rehab
Progressive Democrats of America
Quaker Earthcare Witness
Rainforest Action Network
Rebecca Richman Flint - Studio d'une - Nature Art
Religious Witness for the Earth
Sandpoint Friends Meeting – Idaho
Shalom Center
Sierra Solar Systems
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Sunset Real Estate
The Great Land Conservation Trust, Westbrook CT
The Great Warming
Tidewaters Gateway Partnership
United Confederation of Taino People
U.S. Climate Emergency Council
Voters for Peace
WaterPlanet Environmental Broadcast Service (WEBS)
World Ocean Network’s Sustainable Actions Committee
Winding Waters Group, Sierra Club, Columbus, In.

Locations where actions are planned in the USA:

Albany, N.Y.
Local organizers held a demonstration at the federal building earlier this
months and are planning something similar for Nov. 4. Contact Mark Looney, , 518-674-1690.

Berkshire County, Ma.
Just to encourage those who feel it is too late to start, we are having our
first planning meeting on the 18th! There are exciting options being
discussed. We will fill you in soon.
, 413-243-5665.

Boothbay Harbor and Damariscotta, Maine:
We will have activists out in both communities with a clothesline filled with
Dirty Laundry that exposes the environmental rollbacks and contributions to
global warming. In Damariscotta it's the Early Bird sale (frantic consumerism)
and we'll being doing a huge banner with the clothesline that says The Main
Issue on Main Street Today: Global Climate Change. We will produce a laundry
list that will be passed out throughout the town, as well as local solutions
that are being implemented in Maine communities to reduce emissions. Contact
Anne D. Burt, .

Bucks County, Pa.
We were not able to get a report for this update on plans in Bucks County.
Contact Richard McNutt, .

Boston, Ma.
The Sierra Student Coalition, Boston Climate Action Network & Clean Water
Action have come together to organize the “Boston Coal Party.” This public
event will channel the spirit of the Boston Tea Party by featuring
colonial-themed street theater in which participants will dump boxes of coal,
just as Colonial rebels dumped British tea. We will send the message that we
reject the political dominance of the fossil fuel lobby, and we will call for
leadership from government and business in the effort to slow global warming.
The event will also include music, speakers, tabling, and a press conference.
Contact Loie Hayes, 617-967-1740,

Chicago, Il.
Tony Fuller reports that the day of action will an educational event on global
warming, to be held downtown at the Chicago Temple or similar location,
followed by a peaceful rally. I see this as an opportunity to educate people
about global warming and to organize people to take further actions. Contact
Tony at, 773-426-8568.

Columbus, In.
Tim Wilson reports: We will be having a walk beginning at Donner City Park
down the main street (Washington Street) into downtown, concluding in front of
city hall. Speakers will address the urgency for the U.S. to act now to curb
climate change. As we are assembled before city hall with our signs, we will
circulate the People's Ratification of the Kyoto Protocol Treaty. Following
this we will screen the Climate Crisis Coalition DVD at The Crump, an old
local theater. Contact Tim at ,

Denver/Boulder, Co.
The main focus of Colorado Clean Energy Action is an upcoming public hearing
in Denver on October 23rd on a proposed rate increase for a local coal-fired
plant. They will be testifying against that increase, advocating for renewable
energy instead and organizing a stop global warming rally and press
conference. The organizers expect a smaller follow-up action on November 4th.
Contact: Dan Friedlander, ,

Devon, Pa.
Angela Walker with the Eco Taskforce reports that she is trying to organize
some groups(Main Line Unitarian Church, ECO group and youth groups) to
distribute leaflets at local main line train stations on the Thursday and
Friday evenings prior to the 4th so that people are ready to Fax their
representatives on the day of Nov 4th. Depending on the number of responders
we will try outside local supermarkets or local sporting events at schools,
etc. We would like to make banners if enough people are willing. The
environmental group at our local YMCA is interested. I am also showing the
film, "The Great Warming" as an educational promo to these groups beforehand
to hopefully motivate them. Contact Angela at
, 610-526-2346.

East Sound, Wa.
Sharon Abreu reports: On Sunday, November 5, we will have an International Day
of Climate Action event. It will take place in the town of Friday Harbor on
San Juan Island, San Juan County, Washington State, about 80 miles north of
Seattle. Our event will also be linked to the UN Decade of Education for
Sustainable Development and the U.S. Partnership for the UN-DESD. There will
be a concert to raise awareness about climate change and the work of nonprofit
Irthlingz to educate about climate change. It will also be a benefit so that
we can complete the production of a half-hour feature version of our climate
change musical “Penguins on Thin Ice”. We’ll discuss and sing songs about
climate change (and other related environmental issues), and we’ll have a
couple of guest performers from San Juan Island as well. We’ll have some
actions people can take right there (like signing the People’s Ratification of
the Kyoto Treaty) and information sheets people can take home with resources
to find out more about climate change, solutions and what they can do. I’ll
also have books available, including “Boiling Point”, “Big Coal”, “Stormy
Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change”, “An Inconvenient Truth”, and
“The Great Turning”. We have invited several local environmental and church
groups, the Friday Harbor Middle and High Schools and the progressive-minded
“Spring Street International School. Contact Sharon at
, 360-376-5773.

Essex County, N.J.
The Essex Greens Clean Energy Campaign, joined so far by Blue Wave and
Cornucopia, are organizing a Bikeride for a Healthy Planet on November 4th.
The ride will begin at 1 pm in Montclair, winding its way past and making
brief stops at both positive examples of renewable energy and struggle for
open space and negative examples of SUV’s being sold and fossil fueling. It
will end in downtown Bloomfield at 3 pm where there will be a rally. A large
number of bicyclists are expected. Contact Ted Glick,
, 973-338-5398

Ganges, Michigan
Swami Tapasananda reports that on November 4th the Lakeshore Interfaith
Institute will hold a Global Warming Teach-in and potluck supper. Contact
Swami at , 269-543-3951.

Ithaca, N.Y.
Kyoto Now! will culminate Focus the Nation Week on November 2nd with its
participation in the International Day of Climate Action. We will have
professors speak about particular aspects of global warming; set up
demonstrations of biodiesel vans, solar ovens, methane-powered fuel cells, and
more; host a Power of the Wind contest to raise awareness about the advantages
of wind power and urge the Cornell administration to purchase wind energy; and
table around campus with lots of information about what students can do to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Sustainability Hub and Engineers for a
Sustainable World will help throughout the day. Contact Amy Freitag with Kyoto
Now!, , 607-253-0611.

Huntingdon, Pa.
Iona Connor reports that on October 25th she and others will be participating
in a Sustainability Day at Juniata College in rural Pennsylvania. “I created a
questionnaire for all 11 candidates and we are going to hand out both the
questions as an educational vehicle and the answers we have received so far.
We are also going to have lots of information available and a few items for
sale which I obtain from Syracuse Cultural Workers. They sell beautiful "How
to End Global Warming" posters, note cards, postcards and bookmarks. One of
the professors is organizing a global warming panel discussion and will show
the DVD "We Are All Smith Islanders." It is especially appropriate since we
are in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Contact Iona at 814-259-3372, .

Los Angeles, Ca. Francisca Porchas reports: The Strategy Center and Bus
Riders Union will be educating the public and getting out the vote to defeat
Proposition 1B--the Highway and Air Pollution Expansion Tax! This $20 billion
bond on the November 7th ballot is a tax on the community, with the intent of
supporting corporate developers, shipping magnates and the trucking industry.
The result? More air pollution and children with asthma, more global warming
and climate change, more taxes, more warehouses. We will be holding a
political education session and training on how to talk to voters, Tuesday,
Oct. 24th and on November 4th, dozens of members and allies will be going
door-to-door to get out the vote and defeat Proposition 1B on November 4th.
Contact Francisca at 213-387-2800,

New Orleans, La.
Micah Walker Parker reports: “The Alliance for Affordable Energy and the New
Orleans Group of the Sierra Cub are planning an Energy Solutions Film Fest in
the week leading up to Nov. 4th at Tulane University. On Nov. 4th we are
planning a ‘Save New Orleans, Stop Global Warming’ Frenchman's St. Block
Party. We plan to have outdoor music from 8-10pm and are inviting our City
Council members and our Mayor and his staff to talk about what they're doing
to protect the climate and give an update on the New Orleans Climate Action
Plan. We are asking the bars in the 2 block area to 1) donate the money from
the door or 2) let people who donate $10 to our cause receive a wrist band and
get in free to help recoup our costs. We will begin a "pub crawl" at 10pm,
with big "Save New Orleans, Stop Global Warming" facts and tips posters in the
pub windows and a speaker as we arrive at each location from local
organizations who are concerned about global warming. We will give out fact
and energy saving tip sheets, which ask folks to call/write our senators and
governor, and we hope to also have post cards for folks to sign and/or a
petition circulating at the film fest viewings and the Day of Action event.
Contact Micah at ,

New York, N.Y.
Activists in New York City are figuring out exactly what form of action will
be taken on this day. A likely possibility is a demonstration at a fossil fuel
burning power plant. Contact: Mark Looney,
, 212-633-9141.

Olympia, WA
Chris Stegman reports: We'll have a public forum on Peak Oil and need for
'Relocalization' measures and possibly a Clean Energy Rally at the downtown
fountain in Olympia. Contact Chris at
, 360-705-3528.

Sandpoint, Idaho
We were not able to get a report for this update on plans for Sandpoint.
Contact Jean Maryborn,

St. Louis, Mo
Leonard Sonnenschein reports that the World Aquarium will:
1. We will feature at our front desk a Global Warming Display promoting
individual actions
2. We will circulate information about the Sustainable Activities engaged in
at the World Aquarium including lighting, HVAC, insulation, food choices, and
3. We will distribute to the media a press release on the Request For
Proposals to the World Ocean Network's Sustainable Actions Committee for
potential funding for organizations looking to develop their own sustainable
actions projects.
4. Our guides will be suggesting visitors go to
for up-to-date news about global warming and to learn about what they could do
to help.
5. We devote our What's News message board exhibit to Global Warming.
6. We plan to provide several updates to our FAO virtual office at including the "God's Spirit Over the Waters" message,
"Engaging Stakeholders in Sustainable Actions" presentation and "Celebrating
Life, Oceans and Climate" request for community action proposals. Contact
Leonard at , 314-609-2798.

Twin Cities, Mn.
Christine Frank reports: Picket Line/Rally on November 4th. The program will
reflect the various constituencies that are actually doing something about
global warming, such as advocates of renewable energy, labor, students, people
of faith, indigenous peoples, communities of color, farmers engaged in
sustainable agriculture, those who oppose wars for oil, scientists and
artists. To this end, we are seeking speakers and spoken-word artists among
those groups. So far we have definite agreement from Steve Blake of the
American Indian Movement and Christopher Childs, Chair of the Sierra Club’s
Clean Air & Renewable Energy Center. Contact Christine at , 612-879-8937.

Will Bates reports: This November 4th Vermonters will gather all around the
state at meaningful, iconic places to call for action on climate change. We
will hike, climb, walk, swim, kayak, canoe, or simply sit or stand with signs
of our call to action. Please take this opportunity to join with friends,
family, and neighbors and organize your local action for this important day.
Be creative with your actions, get outside, have fun, be respectful, and
always remain non-violent. Contact Will at

Anne Havemann reports: The Chesapeake Climate Action Network is organizing a
youth environment summit with students in Virginia at the College of William
and Mary. The conference will be about the Campus Climate Challenge and is a
way for students to meet each other, learn from each other and network.
Contact Anne Havemann, 301-891-6844,

In addition, Greenpeace is organizing Nov. 4th actions in six states,
Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Vermont and Washington. To find out
more go to .

Partner with The Great Warming (

We are living at the dawn of a new epoch. Year by year, degree by degree,
Earth is growing warmer... a legacy of the Industrial Revolution, population
growth, and our addiction to technology, speed and power.

Just as other generations spoke of a Great Plague and a Great Depression, our
children will be compelled to endure The Great Warming - and find a way to
conquer its consequences.

Filmed in eight countries on four continents, endorsed by dozens of the
world's leading scientists, this three-hour television series is the most
factually accurate, visually stunning and wide-ranging production ever mounted
about this complex, fascinating subject.

Narrated by Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reaves

EarthRights International Advocates for November 4th!

Below is a portion of an email newsletter sent out by one of our recent
endorsers, EarthRights International. Note their encouragement of people to
check us out. Please consider following their example!

EarthRights International (ERI) combines the power of law and the power of
people in defense of human rights and the environment. We focus our work the
intersection of human rights and the environment, which we define as earth
rights. We specialize in fact-finding, legal actions against perpetrators of
earth rights abuses, training for grassroots and community leaders and
advocacy campaigns. Through these strategies, ERI seeks to end earth rights
abuses, and to promote and protect earth rights.

October 2006 eNewsletter

Dear Lillian, this issue of ERI's eNewsletter includes:

· ACTION ALERT - ERI Endorses International Day of Climate Action

· FEATURE REPORT - Money, Guns, and Gas: South Korea's Relationship
with the Burmese Military

· ERI CONTEST - Design the Next EarthRights Tee-Shirt

· Giving Magazine Features Tracy Poe's Contributions to ERI

· ERI to participate in the Green Festival

ACTION ALERT - ERI Endorses International Day of Climate Action
EarthRights International is proud to endorse the Climate Crisis Coalition's
International Day of Climate Action on 4 November 2006. Worldwide actions
for a
list of demonstrations) will happen just prior to the UN Climate Conference
in Nairobi, Kenya, in which a majority of countries have signed on to the
Kyoto Protocol. The Day of Climate Action will seek to pressure the US to
sign the Kyoto Protocol; end all subsidies for oil and coal corporations and
use those funds for clean, safe energy alternatives; greatly strengthen
energy conservation and fuel efficiency standards; and defend the world's
forests! Additional information on the Day of Climate Action is found here.

Links to resources and materials

Please visit for details and
downloads of the following:
· The Endorsement form if your organization wants to add their name to
the above
· A sample November 4th leaflet
· A sample November 4th poster
· A 30-second, downloadable radio announcement about November 4th
· Website addresses for strong federal legislation
· Websites with questions to ask of candidates
· Sample letters to the editor
· DVDs, A November 4th Button, Articles, Fact Sheets and Booklets

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