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Collaborative Empowerment: Biology, Technology and Morphic Fields

I recently attended the ‘REGEN 18: Moving Beyond Sustainability’ conference held in San Francisco on May 1-4, 2018. Founded and produced by Kevin Jones, founder of SOCAP, author/producer, Marc Barasch, and regenerative practitioner Dr. Holly Dublin, REGEN 18 was billed as a conference where ‘hundreds of world-changers in philanthropy, business, government and citizen activism will convene to foster the emergence of a new regenerative society’ with the intention to ‘help bring about a rapid shift from a degenerative economy to one that supports the mutual thriving of people and planet.’

The conference lived up to its name and intentions in all aspects – and provided the people, projects and a wide range of applied technologies and business models that fed my excitement and expectation of the bridge that many of us are building to a sustainable regenerative economy.

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