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Comments Mostly Show Opposition to CAFO Operation

More than 160 people crowded into a little country club on an overcast spring evening, but they weren't there for a round of golf. These people were more concerned with row crop fields and manure pits than fairways and sand traps.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources' public meeting Wednesday at the Tipton Country Club addressed public comments and concerns with the proposed Tipton East concentrated animal feeding operation.

The meeting was requested by more than 100 public comments to DNR to discuss a proposed CAFO operation, which would be managed by Pipestone System. DNR received more than 400 comments regarding the proposed CAFO before the meeting, which were added to the comments provided at the meeting.

Each person was given three minutes to offer comment to the DNR panel.

People spoke in favor and against Tipton East, but the vast majority of those who offered comment were against the CAFO.

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