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Congress Has Yet To Investigate the Bioweapons Attack Against It

Congress has had hearing after hearing on Jan. 6, with another due to start on Wednesday. For certain elements of the Democratic Party, this has become something of a Passion Play. 

In contrast, as I note in the latest Capitol Hill Citizen, the Democrats, especially in the House, have blocked any meaningful Congressional inquiry into the origins of the pandemic which has killed millions and turned everyone’s life upside down for years.

But Jan. 6 we are told was an unprecedented attack on the Capitol, the very seat and symbol of our democracy. The massive attention paid to the attack has nothing to do with partisan politics, the Democratic Party leadership claims, but is simply defending the integrity of the foundations our nation was built upon.

But after the 9/11 attacks, Congress itself came under a false flag biowarfare attack, shutting down Congress and terrorizing the entire country.