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Congress Members Drink Raw Milk in Support of Food Freedom

Life is about making choices. But today, regulations, red tape, and massive industry lobbying efforts are eroding some of our most basic freedom of choice.

It's hard to fathom how we have come to a point where natural, unadulterated, and wholesome foods are forbidden, while foods containing concoctions of untested synthetic chemicals and toxic pesticide residues are permitted; but such is the case when it comes to raw milk and a number of other artisanal foods.

In support of food freedom, two members of the US Congress recently sat down for an "illegal" meal. As reported by The Independent Journal:1

"Reps. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) and Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) ate their meal... at Jezebel's, a Denver restaurant.

The reason they aren't under criminal investigation, though? Because they were in Colorado, and while the dishes they ate are against the law to buy, they brought the food themselves.

Their meal of 'forbidden and restricted foods,' as Polis called it, was to bring attention to federal rules they hope to change that limit how food can be sold."

On their menu were hemp scones (which, despite the fact they cannot get you "high," are made with a controlled substance, as far as federal law is concerned); non USDA-inspected steak from Massie's own farm; non-inspected organic pastured eggs from a relative's backyard chicken coop; kombucha; and raw milk.

PJ Media2 quotes Rep. Polis saying:

"These are decisions — what do you put in your own body? What's a more intimate decision than that? It really should be entirely up to people. It should be up to the person. You shouldn't have the federal government telling you what you can and can't eat."

Members of Congress Push for New Raw Milk Legislation

The two Congressmen are promoting a number of bills aimed at improving consumer choice by loosening regulations on small farms that sell foods such as raw milk, beef, kombucha (a fermented beverage), and hemp.

This includes the Milk Freedom Act of 20143 (HR 43074) and the Interstate Milk Freedom Act of 2014 (HR 43085), the latter of which would allow raw milk to be sold nationwide, across state lines.

HR 4308 would also prevent the federal government from interfering with trade of raw dairy products between states where distribution or sale of raw milk is already legal.

Last year, Rep. Massie said:6

"As a producer of grass-fed beef, I am familiar with some of the difficulties small farmers face when marketing fresh food directly to consumers.

Our bills would make it easier for families to buy wholesome milk directly from farmers by reversing the criminalization of dairy farmers who offer raw milk.

The federal government should not punish farmers for providing customers the foods they want, and states should be free to set their own laws regulating food safety."