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Consumer Alert: Internet's Most Useful Database of Healing Foods, Herbs and Nutrients

Dear Organic Consumer,

Ever wonder which foods, herbs or nutrients would be most helpful for your particular health challenges? Now you can find the answers, instantly!

Over the last several months, we've been quietly working on a "secret" project to build the internet's most useful database of healing foods, herbs and nutrients. This project is now open to the public, and you can start using it right now at:

You'll find the herbs at:

And the nutrients at:

Each of these sites allows you to explore natural medicines that are known to be helpful for various diseases and health conditions. You'll learn, for example, that green tea helps prevent breast cancer, or that Vitamin D is important for reversing osteoporosis. Over a hundred health conditions are covered in detail, plus hundreds more entries on individual foods, herbs and nutrients.

Currently, the research presented on these sites is based on 14 books and natural medicine encyclopedias. We're working on expanding that to 25 books to cover even more diseases and natural medicines, so be sure to check back from time to time and watch our online reference sites grow! In particular, we'll be expanding the herbal site to include rainforest herbs, Chinese medicine herbs and more Western herbs as well.


This important project was made possible by the support of readers like you. Each time you purchase a book from Truth Publishing (, it helps provide the funds we need to pursue important public education projects like this one.

Remember, Truth Publishing is a no-profit endeavor, meaning that our driving motivation is public education, not generating corporate profits. (We're not yet a 501(c)3 non-profit, however. That's coming later...) My own efforts are 100% volunteer, and I've never been paid royalties on the books or articles I've authored for Truth Publishing or NewsTarget. All our revenues are redirected to bringing you the most useful, empowering content possible, through reports, articles and now these online reference sites.

So please help spread the word by forwarding this email. Tell your friends about and encourage them to explore natural solutions for their own health challenges.

Remember, education and empowerment is what Big Pharma does *not* want to see taking place. The drug giants only make money when they can keep the people ignorant of simple, natural, safe and highly effective therapies that make their drugs obsolete.

Consequently, by helping spread the word on healing foods, herbs and nutrients (including vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients), you'll actually be helping others acquire the knowledge they need to stop being exploited by unethical drug companies and a blatantly corrupt Food and Drug Administration.


Never underestimate the power of knowledge to set people free and give them control over their own lives. If you believe that people should have free access to information that can help them prevent and even reverse chronic disease, then you're fully aligned with our philosophy.

The FDA wants to censor this information, and it has effectively done so with nutritional supplement manufacturers and even cherry growers. Don't believe me? Read the shocking story, "FDA tyranny and the censorship of cherry health facts" at:

If the FDA had its way, the website would be outlawed. Because the one thing that today's drug monopoly cannot allow is for people to become empowered with true information about the medicines hidden in everyday foods!

By tapping in to this knowledge, you are not merely browsing a reference website, you are in fact learning "forbidden" knowledge that Big Pharma and the FDA would much rather see censored or outlawed entirely.

This is no laughing matter: If I were a vitamin retailer, I could be raided, arrested and prosecuted for sharing this exact same information with you. In the world of health, the age of tyranny is already here. The only thing that allows me to share this information is the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, plus the fact that we do not sell nutritional products, nor do we take money from nutritional supplement companies.

As such, these reference websites represent genuine expression of Free Speech and the right to share practical information with our fellow human beings. Help us exercise these Free Speech rights by visiting these sites, spreading the word, and supporting our ongoing efforts via Truth Publishing.

Because there are more reference sites on the way. What you see now is only the beginning...

To your health, - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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