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Consumer Awareness of Food’s Environmental Impact Is Slowly Growing

  • Consumer awareness about the climate impact of food choices is slowly growing, according to a new report from Kearney. Four out of five consumers have at least some knowledge of the environmental impacts of food, but about half of them say they don’t always buy the most climate-friendly foods because they think they are too expensive. Many also don’t want to transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet.
  • More than a quarter of consumers — 27% — think about the environmental impact of food while at the grocery store. And 83% say they are willing to substitute another meat or plant protein for beef — which in general has a much larger carbon footprint — once a week.
  • Most CPG and ingredient companies have detailed sustainability plans that address things like carbon footprint reduction, decreasing waste and transitioning to ingredients that are better for the environment. Other studies have found that labels informing consumers of sustainable practices make consumers more likely to purchase them.