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Consumers Call for Labels on GMO-Fed Livestock

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Pressure for foods derived from genetically modified ingredients to be labelled as such was stepped up this week, as the Food Standards Agency prepared to debate the issue. 

In an open letter to FSA board members, pressure group GM Freeze urged the agency to back moves to harmonize GM-free labeling across the EU, which would put labels both on foods containing GM ingredients and, crucially, on foods from animals reared on GM feed.

FSA research published in January 2013 found strong public support for GM-free labels, including on meat, milk and eggs from GM-fed animals, which are currently excluded from the GM labeling regulations.

Despite this research, the FSA has so far failed to recommend harmonization with Germany, France and Austria, which already operate 'without biotech' labels on animal products.

GM Freeze spokesman Pete Riley said: "Consumers have been demanding comprehensive labeling of GM use in food production for many years, but the FSA has always failed to support it, despite the fine words in their vision statement about ensuring consumers have 'informed choices'.   
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