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Consumers International: We Must Act Now to Stop Obesity Killing Millions

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Last week, we launched a new set of Recommendations that call for a Global Convention to protect and promote healthy diets, drawing worldwide media coverage and support.

Developed in consultation with Members of both Consumers International and the World Obesity Federation, as well as a wider network of public health experts, our Recommendations have already received endorsement from the likes of  the UK's Association of Directors of Public Health, the US Public Health Institute, World Cancer Research Fund, European Public Health Association, and the UN's food chief Olivier De Schutter. Not to mention the support of our 250 membership orgainsations around the world.

Such strong support underlines the fact that the case for a Global Convention on healthy diet is now overwhelming. We face an unprecedented health crisis, that is largely preventable - yet action is falling far short of what is required.

Here are a few shocking statistics:

One person every seven seconds dies of diabetes - nearly half of those deaths (44%) are attributable to overweight and obesity 
9.4 million people die of hypertension every year - with high salt intake a major risk factor for that disease 
obesity rates have nearly doubled since 1980 
2.3 billion people will be overweight by 2015.

This crisis is truly global - the highest rates of growth for obesity and overweight are now found in low and middle income countries.             
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