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A Continued Candid Conversation With Richard Ebright on the History of U.S. Research Funding for Biological Agents in America and Abroad That Lack Critical Safety Overview

For most of 2020 and into the early part of this year, a group of researchers led by Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance succeeded in labeling anyone who asked if the pandemic had started from a lab accident as a “conspiracy theorist.” But Daszak’s conspiracy to denigrate people as conspiracy theorists has now fallen apart.

Last week, the Washington Post reported that World Health Organization (WHO) expert Peter Ben Embarek, who led the WHO mission to Wuhan, China, to investigate the origins of the pandemic, now says Chinese colleagues influenced the WHO’s findings. Based on Embarek’s statements, the Wall Street Journal reported that closer scrutiny is needed of a lab run by Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In response, Chinese authorities say the virus couldn’t have come from a Wuhan lab, and have run a propaganda campaign pointing to other countries as the pandemic’s origin.