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Cooperative Coffees Newsletter July 2008

In This Issue... Reach out! Outreach and special projects - 6th Annual BALLE Conference - CoopSol Recruits Producer Members - FTIS 2008 Roaster News - New CC member: DOMA Coffee Producer News - New projects at CEPICAFE Travel: Where in the World is Coop Coffees? - CC's trip to Peru The Latest in the Fair Trade Movement - New book about coffee: Connecting Worlds

Reach out!

Hey there! Here we are with our second edition of the Coop Coffees newsletter.  Thank you so much for all the warm responses we got about the first issue.  Here's hoping we keep the ball rolling! If you would prefer, you can check out our newsletter with many lovely additional accoutrement including pictures, links and more, by checking it out on our website.  That is the way this newsletter was designed to be seen.   If all you want is the bares bones basic headlines and summary, keep reading below. Tenemos tambien una version en espanol que tenga fotos y una descripcion de cada articulo. Pero, no tenemos la traducion en entero del buletin electronico. Sin embargo, les daré una buena idea de lo que esta pasando con CoopCoffees. Haga click aqui para mirarlo .

If you have ideas, pictures, texts or anything else for our next newsletter, don't be shy! Send us your thoughts and comments by writing to  

Outreach and Special Projects

6th Annual BALLE Conference - June 5 to 7 2008

The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) hosted its annual conference in Boston from June 5 to 7, 2008. Many entrepreneurs in sectors like green building, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, local food systems, and independent retail gathered together with community leaders and government officials to network about the requirements to build an economy that values long-term growth and sustainability. Monika Firl and Bill Harris from CoopCoffees were there to participate in a panel discussion about Fair Trade.

CoopSol Recruits Producer Members

On May 2, 2008, during a meeting which took place during the SCAA in Minneapolis, Coop Sol recruited five producer groups as user and support members to our solidarity cooperative. More producer groups are in the process of becoming members, as they meeting with their own members and board of directors for discussion.

FTIS 2008 - 3rd Fair Trade International Symposium

After the first two Fair Trade International Symposiums held in Montreal (Canada) in 2002 and 2006, the third symposium took place from May 14th to 16th 2008 in Montpellier (France). The topic of this symposium was "New dimensions in fair trade: implications and challenges". Monika Firl from CoopSol in Montreal and Santiago Paz López from Cepicafe (Peru) were there to share their experience in the world of Fair Trade and expand their networks.

Roaster News

New CC member: DOMA Coffee

Cooperative Coffees is thrilled by the new membership of DOMA Coffee, a roasting company from Post Falls, in the region of the lake Coeur d'Alene, in northern Idaho. DOMA is a coffee roasting company run with a strong social, economic and environmental conscience. DOMA Coffee shares the same values and vision about Fair Trade and sustainable development. Read more

Producer News

New Projects at CEPICAFE

A lot of things are happening right now with our producer partner CEPICAFE. The Peruvian non-profit organization is working really hard to diversify its production in order to maximize the communities' incomes and develop their economy. Apart from their traditional production of coffee and cacao, CEPICAFE has been working on new projects of exportation of cane sugar, jams and candied fruits. They also have an eco-tourism project going on. Read more

Travel: Where in the World is Coop Coffees?   

Coop Coffees's Trip to Peru

From May 25 to June 2, members and representatives of Cooperative Coffees went to Peru to visit the producer partners' installations and communities, to meet the staff and to learn about coffee processing, products and outgoing projects. Basically, the trip consisted of two parts: a visit with CEPICAFE and a visit with CENFROCAFE. Each part of the tour included a presentation, coffee cupping, a visit out to the farms and discussions about quality and coffee supply. Read more

The Latest in the Fair Trade Movement

New Book about Coffee: Connecting Worlds

Connecting Worlds is a photographic travel book retracing the route taken by coffee from the Peruvian Andes to the cup of millions of consumers. This book is destined to serve as education material for consumers to tell them about the origin of the coffee they drink, and also for producers to inform them about the final products of their work.