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Could a Small Dose Help Regen Agriculture?

Homeopathy for humans has withstood severe attacks by skeptics and continued delivering the goods for humans. Has agro-homeopathy come of age as a contributor to solving our food vs planet dilemma?

Nearly sixty years on from the publication of Rachel Carson’s landmark book, Silent Spring, conventional agriculture continues the indiscriminate use of chemicals as part of intensive agricultural systems. Carson issued stark warnings about the detrimental effects of such agrochemical inputs and drew attention to the misinformation being pedalled by the agrochemical companies. Carson’s warnings remain as pertinent today as they were in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Yet, decades on, intensive agrochemicals usage, continued habitat destruction and spiralling losses of biodiversity now threaten the viability of all natural systems on this exquisite planet of which we are custodians.

We’re told the most pressing environmental issue affecting us today is climate change and the associated warming of the planet. However, as Carson proposed, the loss of biodiversity due to the destruction of natural environments and habitats to grow grains for humans and intensively farmed livestock could put human and planetary health into a perilous state. As we suggested in our rebuttal to the EAT-Lancet report in 2019 and our recent piece on the witch-hunt against red meat, the solution is a lot more nuanced than just growing more grains, creating lab-grown meat, and ditching real red meat.