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COVID-19 Destroys the Weakest and Poorest

COVID-19 has been called the great equalizer, but nothing could be further from the truth. The disease clearly affects certain groups far worse than others, and the countermeasures implemented to quell the outbreak have been a phenomenal boon for wealthy globalists while decimating the livelihood, and perhaps even the will to live, of the average person. As reported by IPS News:1

“According to the latest ILO reports,2 as job losses escalate due to lockdowns, nearly half of the global workforce is at risk of losing livelihoods, access to food and the ability to survive. 

The World Economic Forum states that ‘With some 2.6 billion people around the world in some kind of lockdown, we are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever.’3

As governments and corporations tighten political authoritarianism4 and technological surveillance, curtailing privacy and democratic protest, much of humanity is succumbing to anxiety, depression and a sense of powerlessness.”

Pandemics Highlight Pre-Existing Health Inequalities

An ever-growing number of doctors, academics and scientists are now questioning the origin of the virus, the validity of using PCR tests to diagnose “cases,” the usefulness of face masks, the questionable classification of COVID-19 deaths, the suppression of scientifically verified methods of prevention and treatment, and the safety and usefulness of COVID-19 vaccines.

There are clear problems in all of these areas, yet questions and logical thinking have been, and continue to be, met with harsh resistance and denial. 

Those leading the charge in terms of pandemic responses — most notably the World Health Organization, media companies and Big Tech — have not been shy about their censoring of counter-narratives, almost without exception. Even military information warfare units are being deployed in the fight against “anti-vaccine propaganda.”5

When it comes to the disease itself, we now know certain comorbidities significantly raise your risk of complications and deaths. Among the top ones are obesity, insulin resistance and vitamin D deficiency. 

While these conditions are exceptionally common overall, they’re particularly prevalent in Black and indigenous communities, and when combined with inadequate access to health care, these groups also end up being disproportionally affected by COVID-19. As noted by IPS News:6

“The disproportionately higher rates of COVID deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives,7 for example, are due to higher rates of obesity, diabetes, asthma and heart disease than among more privileged U.S. communities.”

Research8 suggests even mild obesity can influence COVID-19 severity, raising the risk of respiratory failure by 2.5 times and the risk of needing intensive care by nearly five times. Inflammation triggered by obesity is also thought to be responsible for the threefold greater risk of pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs) seen in obese COVID-19 patients.9,10

Certain groups — particularly the elderly and those with darker skin — are also far more prone to the illness due to the fact that they’re also at highest risk for vitamin D deficiency

COVID-19, the Great Inequity

While the media and political and economic institutions claim the pandemic narrative is based on scientific consensus, this clearly isn’t the case. There’s no evidence supporting universal mask use, for example, and there’s even less scientific support for lockdowns — a strategy based on a high school project that won third place.11

James Corbett of the Corbett Report discusses this shocking revelation in the video above. As it turns out, the young girl’s father is Robert Glass, a senior researcher at Sandia National Laboratories, who worked on pandemic emergency response plans for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

His proposal to shut down schools and businesses in the case of an influenza pandemic was published in the November 2006 issue of the journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases.12

Now, as many small businesses are failing thanks to months-long shutdowns and employment opportunities look bleak in many areas, government leaders around the world are suddenly joining the World Economic Forum in calling for a Great Reset of the economy.13

This hardly seems like a random coincidence. This plan, which has been brewing for decades, will further empower and enrich wealthy, unelected powerbrokers while enslaving and impoverishing everyone else.