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COVID-19 Was Created in the Wuhan Laboratory and Is Now in the Hands of the Chinese Military

COVID-19, which is killing and infecting people all over the world, is not a naturally occurring virus; instead, it was created in Wuhan, in a level-4 biosafety laboratory. Not only Chinese, but also French and US scientists contributed to the production of this "chimera," an organism created in a lab.

Until a few months ago, such an idea would have been labelled a conspiracy theory, contemptuously dismissed by people who believed in China’s innocence, treated as absurd by several scholars who defended the "innocence" of science.

Now such thesis is presented with extensive documentation, dates, facts, names by an internationally renowned scientist, Prof Joesph Tritto, president of the Paris-based World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies (WABT), a non-governmental institution founded in 1997 under the auspices of UNESCO.

Prof Tritto, 68, is the author of Cina COVID 19. La Chimera che ha cambiato il Mondo (China COVID 19. The chimera that changed the world), a book that was released today by Edizioni Cantagalli.