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Coronavirus 'Cures' and Fake Dietary Supplements: Beware These 'Products' on Amazon

Despite Amazon’s best efforts, fake, unsafe, and misleading products still find their way to the world’s largest online marketplace.

Here are some of the most notoriously problematic third-party products on Amazon:

Coronavirus “cures” and high-priced masks: Amazon said recently that it has barred the sale of over one million products that falsely claim to cure or provide protection against the Coronavirus. The company has also removed third-party merchants that had engaged in price-gouging on items such as surgical masks, according to Reuters, which cited a 10-pack of N95 surgical masks for $128, up from an average selling price of about $41. Other products that have seen inflated pricing include sanitizing gels.

Fake Apple accessories like AirPods and power adapters: Apple has been trying to fight the fake power adapter problem for years, but it’s still possible to find knockoff Apple products in 2020. Fake Apple AirPods, for example, might be offered one day and then vanish the next, a pattern often seen with fake goods or goods that can mislead customers. The giveaway is the price. Apple AirPods officially start at $159 from Apple. Fake Apple AirPods are a fraction of the price. Recently, tech site Tom’s Guide even did a review of fake Apple AirPods.

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